Ways to Improve Your 3D Animation


3D animators are a treasure today, they are hard to find, and they are high quality. Being a 3D animator does not just mean knowing the basics of 3D animation, and many people can learn it, but being a great 3D animator takes time and practice.

Although you need to be trained, it is also essential that you have an excellent 3D animation studio so that you can do your job more efficiently. When you work in a good animation company HK, you will find more clients.

Today’s topic is based on how to improve your 3D animation and how to become an expert in your business. These tips can help you and drastically improve your work, and they are:

· Watch real-life characters

To be an excellent 3D animator, you have to pay attention to real-life elements. Watch people move, their facial expressions, and make your 3D model accordingly.

You will have a more significant impression of what a body or face should look like and its movements. If you get hard stuck somewhere, you can always take a break and walk around to see the surroundings and their real-life animations.

It’s not hard to make a man run or walk, but it can be challenging if you want to insert a lot of detail, so you have to see for yourself.

· Film yourself

If you’re not comfortable or weird watching people around and their real-life animations, you can always film yourself. Record yourself doing all sorts of things, depending on what you need to animate. It’s a great way to see how things move and capture details.

You won’t need a good camera for this; a mobile phone is enough. Simply whatever you are interested in how to animate and what details to insert, put the phone on a chair and record yourself doing just that.

· Balance is key

Many 3D modelers make a mistake when it comes to character balance. You know when you see an animation, but his legs are more significant than his arms, etc. Proportion is very important, and nothing can be animated by heart.

It would be best to practice proportions and balance your character on a daily basis. Only then will you be able to hone your skills in this regard, and in time you will make better and better characters.

· Utilize basic models

This is especially good if you are a beginner. Complex models, if you start working right away, you can get confused or do it wrong. Find some basic models and start from scratch.

Gradually increase the details and animations that are more complex, so you have some workflow. When you grab the stack and go a little deeper into the matter, then you can animate more and more complicated things.

· Study Gravitation

When you animate in 3D, gravity plays a significant role. It is essential that your movements are adjusted as in life. You can’t make it gravity too much, nor too small.

This can all be corrected in a 3D animation studio, but you also need to know more about it. Exercise as much as possible to be as good as possible over time. Nothing comes overnight, so if you want to be better at something, you have to work hard.

· Have animation in stock

This guy is good if you want to save yourself time. You should always have some basic running or walking animations, so you upload those animations to each new character and change them later.

This will give you an excellent head start and save you time. Instead of making for each character from the beginning, you can just make a few basic animations that will be the basis for everything.

· Studying the psychology of the movement

Sometimes it is not enough to observe people’s movements because the movements are a little more complex than that. In addition, take and study human movement. You have various articles on the internet about it. If you’re not that type, you can always find some book to read about or an encyclopedia. There are a lot of resources from where you can get the information you need, just to make an effort.


These tips will be very beneficial for your 3D animation skills. Make sure you make the effort of learning them all, and you won’t have a problem improving at 3D animation.

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